Need something? We got you covered!


15 Million $ undetected stealth method, Rank setting and Full Recovery, anything you need to get you from poor to rich.


Do you wan't to annoy other players? No Problem, we have a wide range of Troll options.


We have a wide range of Protection features which can help you not getting annoyed by other modders.



Do you wan't to load your favourite mods from singleplayer in online? We got you covered.

Rockstar ID Joiner

Want to join a streamer who doesn't accept your friend request and annoy them? No problem.

Fast Updates

We are providing very fast updates and fixes, many times a week.


Clean UI

We have a very slick and clean UI along with a nice flat design.


We have a secure infrastructure, our menu is practically uncrackable, crackers we are challenging you!

Fast Support

We are always there for you, join our Discord server for a fast and reliable support experience.

Discord Rich Presence

Show off to your Discord friends using our Discord Rich Presence

Spoofing Options

Spoof everything you want from kills to Rockstar ID

Miscellaneous Options

Our Miscellaneous options have everything you need and probably don't need but at least we have it.

Customization Options

Customize the mod menu to what you like with our customization options.

World Editor

Edit the whole GTA Online map to your liking